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Palm Handles / Touch Sensor

Touch Sensor Option

The B1, B3, B5, B9, B7, B8  and GSE Palm Grip Handles, are available with a Touch Sensor. Touch Sensors have high reliability and long life because no moving parts lie between the sensor and the sensed object. The self-calibrating sensor detects changes in the electrostatic field surrounding the handle. When an object such as an operators hand grips the handle it increases the parasitic capacitance detected by the sensor. The detected changes are digitally processed to reject impulse noise and quickly confirm a detection before activating an output. The output remains active only while the operator continues to grip the handle, and immediately de-activates upon release. The Touch Sensor is available in two output options. One provides a floating dry contact relay output that closes upon activation. The other option provides an output low voltage DC upon activation.

WARNING: The Touch Sensor is Not Designed To Be Used for Personnel Protection. Doing so could lead to serious injury or death. The sensor does NOT include the self-checking redundant circuitry necessary to allow its use in personnel safety applications.