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Control Stations / LCS5R-CC

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Permissible ambient temperature
        Operation   -40° C to +60° C
        Storage      -50° C to +80° C
Degree of protection front
        IP 54 IEC / EN 6052
The swivelling crane control unit LCS5R-CC is ergonomically designed and provides a high degree of comfort.
The standard design includes following:
Custom angled control boxes to reduce turning radious.
Equipment boxes: Sheet steel. The top lid with the devices can be raised for easy access to the terminal strip.
Seat: Comfortable spring mounted seat KFS 6, with an hydraulic vibration absorption system, weight adjustment and air-permeable artificial leather or textile material, with headrest, with arm rests.
Adjusting possibilities: Seat horizontally and vertically.  Inclination of cushion, backrest and arm rest also adjustable. Weight setting for optimum spring suspension.
Cross-member: Sheet steel, top of which can be raised to lay cabling. The seat can be tilted backwards so that the cable duct in the cross-member is accessible.
Swivel base: Zero-end-float spring-loaded bearing. Rotational movement 180° right, 90° left, stopped by friction brake.
Surface treatment: Anti-corrosion primer, top coat: 2 coats of epoxy-resin paint, standard colour RAL 7032 pebble-grey. textured varnish. All non-painted metal parts are electrogalvanized and chromed.