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Control Stations / CCSS1

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Permissible ambient temperature
        Operation   -40° C to +60° C
        Storage      -50° C to +80° C
Degree of protection front
        IP 54 IEC / EN 6052
The swivelling crane control unit CCSS1 is ergonomically designed and provides a high degree of comfort.
The standard design includes the following:
Equipment boxes: Are made of plastic. To be used with a V8 master switch. There is a upward folding movement with a dead-man microswitch for each equipment box. Wiring is done through a conduit from the back of the equipment box to a terminal strip enclosure which is mounted behind the seat.
Seat: Comfortable spring mounted seat with a hydraulic shock absorber, weight adjustment. Black PVC vinyl or black cloth.
Manual adjustments: Seat horizontally and vertically, inclination of cushion, back rest. Arm rests have a vertical adjustmentof 60mm.