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Control Stations / CCS19

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Permissible ambient temperature:
Operation:           -40° C to +60° C
Storage:              -50° C to +80° C

Degree of protection front:

IP 54 IEC / EN 60529

Less effort for operator on any AC or DC joystick control application (Low Voltage Control System).  This system was designed to provide operator assistance, reduce fatigue and supply the customers with an ergonomic solution.

The other goal was to produce a system for long-term reliable operation, and reduce down-time by making all the joysticks available with quick change connectors, which allows the joysticks to be replace in minutes.  It comes with AC/DC converts to allow all control functions to operate at 24VDC.This system can be supplied as a retrofit to an existing control station, or can be supplied with any one of our ergonomic control stations.  We can supply multiple configurations, subject to the customer requirements.  It is also available in a manually adjustable configuration for basic control applications.