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Palm Handles / B10

The palm grip B 10-1 is an actuating element for double-handle controller D 64, DD 64, D8. Control-handle left, B10-2 for control-handle right. It can also be used as an actuating element for hydraulic drives. Push buttons, rocker witches, e.t.c., can also be fitted to suit appropriate requirements.
The palm grip has a highly flexible single wire 0,1 mm2 x 450 mm long.
The mounting piece for the drive rod can be supplied with a tapped hole 10 mm.
The palm grip B 10 is made of PA plastic and is black in colour.
Contact complement 0,5 A 110 V AC 15 or 1,5 A 24 V DC 13
I min > 0,2 mA 2 V DC 12 Gold plated for max. load of 0,12 Watt (standard)
Micro change over contacts available on request
Permissible ambient temperature:
Operation:                        -40° C to +60° C
Storage:                           -50° C to +80° C
Degree of protection front:  IP 65 IEC/EN 60529